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Allergie in der Endoprothetik

Liebe Patienten,
das Thema Allergie ist ein extrem umstrittenes Thema derzeit. Es gibt wenig gesichertes Wissen, aber sehr viele "Marketing Gags" oder "Meinungen" Ich zitiere hier eine Publikation aus einem "Top Journal" 2016 zu diesem Thema:


Allergy in total knee arthroplasty

S. Middleton,
A. Toms

Bone Joint J 2016;98-B:437–41.

We explored the literature surrounding whether allergy and hypersensitivity has a clinical basis for implant selection in total knee arthroplasty (TKA). In error, the terms hypersensitivity and allergy are often used synonymously. Although a relationship is present, we could not find any evidence of implant failure due to allergy. There is however increasing basic science that suggests a link between loosening and metal ion production. This is not an allergic response but is a potential problem. With a lack of evidence logically there can be no justification to use ‘hypoallergenic’ implants in patients who have preexisting skin sensitivity to the metals used in TKA.

Patients with a diagnosis of metal hypersensitivity will however continue to ask about the materials used in their implants and they will always believe any problems they may have after their joint replacement are related to their pre-existing hypersensitivity. This topic requires greater scientific and clinical research to answer the question. Currently though there is no evidence that allergy exists in TKA and we will continue to use implants of standard material with proven longevity in all our patients.

Cite this article: Bone Joint J 2016;98-B:437–41.


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