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endocertDie größte Endoprothetische Abteilung Östereichs im OSS ist nun Endozertifiziert.
Dr Kasparek ist Senior - Hauptoperateur und stellvertretender Leiter dieser Abteilung.
Senior Hauptoperateur bedeutet mindestens 100 Endoprothesen pro Jahr (Hüfte / Knie). Dr. Kasparek hat im Jahr 2017 mehr als 250 Eingriffe selbständig gemacht.

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symposium 1 18Dr. Kasparek gave a high-profile talk on 26 Jan 2018 at the Austrian Knee Symposium at the Medical University of Graz. Only highly-qualified speakers were invited to present their findings and share their experiences at the event.

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Grafik Knie 2Senior Consultant Dr. M. Kasparek has been supervising an academic thesis on the subject of iASSIST™ (Zimmer co.) since 2013.
The title of the study it addresses is:
"Imageless computer assisted stereotaxic pinless surgical instrument system versus conventional total knee replacement: a prospective randomized comparative study with a new pinless system"
Ethics commission vote EK 13-173-0813

Senior Consultant Dr. Kasparek has been performing surgical implantations of the latest knee joint manufactured by DepuySynthes since 2015.

One of the most advanced of its kind on the market, this implant has delivered highly encouraging results since its introduction.
It is expected to deliver improved clinical outcomes and, in turn, bring about a significant reduction in the number of unsatisfied patients from the current level of 10-20%.
The product is a result of over 6 years of in-depth research by the company.

ATTUNE Knee Systems

How much sense does it make to keep the cruciates?

Experiments involving the use of knee prostheses that preserve both cruciate ligaments were first conducted in the USA in the 1960s at the Mayo Clinic. But the idea was eventually abandoned due to technical issues and the high degree of complexity involved. However, fresh overtures are now being made towards the introduction of these designs. The issue with knee prosthetics is that patient satisfaction rates leave a lot to be desired, with many studies worldwide reporting that around 15-20% of people who undergo surgery are dissatisfied with the outcome.

CertificateDr. Kasparek took part in an internationally highly-respected congress in Orlando. Despite the distances involved, he made the trip in the interests of his ongoing international training.
The opportunity to compare notes with his American colleagues proved extremely valuable.

Senior Consultant Dr. Kasparek is a member of the Rapid Recovery Programme – OSS (Orthopaedic Hospital Vienna-Speising). In partnership with Prof. Dominkus he has already successfully treated and operated on his first patients using this new perioperative technique.
The patients were able to move without pain just hours after their hip or knee operation. And the length of time spent convalescing in hospital was cut to just a few days.
Only available in Speising since 2014, the programme was developed by Biomet.

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